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New York cops arrest seven motorcyclists for reckless riding

Suffolk County Police Department

Image provided by police shows seven motorcyles lined up alongside the Long Island Parkway. Police impounded the bikes after charging their riders with reckless driving and other offenses.

Police in New York on Monday arrested seven motorcyclists on the Long Island Expressway and charged them with reckless driving. 

The arrests occurred shortly after noon near Farmingville, after two motorists reported the bikers were “weaving in and out of traffic and speeding” on the parkway. 

“A Highway Patrol officer responded and followed the group for approximately 10 exits and witnessed the motorcyclists driving recklessly,” police said in a statement.  “When the group approached Exit 63 and traffic slowed, a second Highway Patrol car pulled out in front of the group and all seven motorcyclists pulled over to the right shoulder.” 

After the stop, police impounded all seven motorcycles. A photo released by police showed one bearing the message, "Let me guess ... License and Registration?"

Police identified the seven cited for reckless driving, a misdemeanor, and other vehicle and traffic law violations as:  Edward Gianino, 25, of Farmingdale;  Emilio Morales, 28, of Brooklyn; Ian Glass, 20, of Farmingdale;  Nicholas Belletti, 28, of Great Neck; Oskar Bucki, 20, of Glendale; David Golaszewski, 20, of Glendale; and Victor Dasilva, 33, of Farmingdale.

Previously, the Suffolk County police told NBC News that they hadn't received many reports of "pack riding" by rowdy bikers, and that the activity was relegated to side roads, usually on the weekends.

The arrests follow a high profile incident on Sept. 29 in which an altercation between a pack of stunt-riding motorcyclists and an SUV on New York City’s Upper West Side ended with the driver, Alex Lien, being pulled from his vehicle and beaten.

Police have charged at least seven bikers in connection with that incident, including an undercover New York Police Department cop who allegedly smashed the rear window of the SUV. The officer, Detective Wojciech Braszczok, 32, was not involved in the beating, but has been charged with felony charges of assault, gang assault and criminal mischief and suspended from the force. Several other NYPD officers are under investigation for allegedly participating in the ride.

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