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Why you can't get tickets to the hottest concerts

If you've ever tried to buy tickets to a favorite artist's concert only to find it sold out almost immediately, you are not alone. NBC's Jeff Rossen reports on how up to 77 percent or more of the tickets to the hottest concerts are being reserved for special groups before sales open to the public.

We've all been there. You want to see Maroon 5, or Pink. Your kids want tickets to Justin Bieber. The minute tickets go on sale you go online, credit card ready, and guess what? You're shut out. Entire arenas, sold out like that. So where do those tickets really go?

TODAY National Investigative Correspondent Jeff Rossen and his team found that you had never had a fighting chance -- more than three-quarters of concert tickets for the hottest artists are sold in special deals before the public even know they're available.

Watch the video report above or click here to read a text piece for a peek inside the secret world of ticket sales.

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