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You can help drive NBC News' investigative reporting

Investigate this!

Read and vote on readers' story tips and suggested topics for investigation or submit your own.

Skulduggery in storage auctions? Price gouging for pain patches? Dastardly dealings in a diamond class action?

Those are some possibilities for reporting by the NBC News investigative team, raised with Open Channel’s new tool: Investigate this!

This tool, powered by IdeaScale, allows you to suggest ideas for new investigative stories, read and comment on ideas that others have submitted, then vote on which ones NBC News should tackle.

Here’s how it works:

At the bottom of each post on Open Channel, you’ll find the Investigate this! tool.

You can scroll through the ideas, expand them to read each in full, and see what other readers are commenting about each suggestion.

If you have a favorite idea that’s already listed, you can vote it up the list. If you have see a suggestion that you don’t think is worthy, you can vote it down.

If you have your own idea for a great investigative story, hit the “Submit New Idea” button and spell it out.

These submissions are moderated: NBC News editors will go through the entries to choose ones that will be added to the list.

What makes for a good investigative piece for NBC News? Probably not a story on shenanigans with your local PTA's office supplies fund. Think immediacy and broad impact. Here’s an example of a reader-submitted idea that shows promise:  

“Have you seen these TV shows where items in storage units are auctioned off? I'm appalled at these TV shows preying on other people's misfortunes. From what I understand of the Pennsylvania laws on storage auctions, any money over the fees owed is supposed to go back to the unit's owner but they need to ask for it. People are not aware of their rights.”

If you submit an idea, let us know if you’d like to have your name listed on it if we pick it for inclusion in Investigate this!

So get going with the Investigate this! box at the top of this post!