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Washington Post checks 'bogus' claim that Obama skips intelligence briefings

Glenn Kessler of The Washington Post's Fact Checker column demolishes the claim that President Obama skips nearly half of his daily intelligence briefings. The claim has been made in anti-Obama ads funded by the super PAC American Crossroads.

The Post's conclusion: One can't skip briefings that aren't scheduled.

"As it turns out, no president does it the exact same way," Kessler writes. "Under the standards of this ad, Republican icon Ronald Reagan skipped his intelligence briefings 99 percent of the time."

Read the full column here.

Speaking of accountability
The claim about Obama's intelligence briefings originated with a group called The Government Accountability Institute. Its president, Peter Schweizer, is a former speechwriting consultant to President George W. Bush and a former foreign policy adviser to Sarah Palin.

Despite the claim regularly made in Schweizer's biography, he's never been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. He is not listed on the Pulitzer Prizes list of nominees. The false claim was made in Schweizer's bio on the Government Accountability Institute website until we asked when he was a nominee. The text was then changed to say his work was entered in the Pulitzers, a status anyone can achieve for $50. Schweizer declined to respond to questions about this false claim.