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NBC exclusive: Sandusky labeled 'likely pedophile' in 1998 report

Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State assistant football facing 50 counts of sexually abusing boys, was characterized as a "likely pedophile" in an internal university report written by a psychologist in 1998, but police weren't able to make a case. NBC's Michael Isikoff reports.

Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was labeled a “likely pedophile” in 1998, when campus police investigated an incident in which he bear hugged a young boy in the showers at the university.

In an exclusive report for Today, NBC News National Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff obtained the police file on the investigation. You can read all three files – the police report itself and assessments from two psychologists: Alycia A. Chambers, the therapist for one of Sandusky’s alleged victims, and  John Seasock, who had worked with the local Centre County Child and Youth Services, a local agency that had licensed Sandusky as a foster parent.

Chambers issued the warning about Sandusky in a detailed report written after she interviewed the boy who was her client.

“My consultants agree that the incidents meet all of our definitions, based on experience and education, of a likely pedophile’s pattern of building trust and gradual introduction of physical touch, within a context of a ‘loving,’ ‘special’ relationship,” Chambers wrote in her report.

But Seasock, after meeting with the boy for an hour, concluded that no sexual offense had taken place nor was there “grooming” or “inappropriate sexual behavior” by Sandusky.

”All the interactions reported by (the boy) can be typically defined as normal between a healthy adult and a young adolescent male,” Seasock wrote in his report.

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While the reports’ conclusions differed, one of the investigators on the 1998 case, Jerry Lauro, said he didn’t know that. Lauro, then with the state Department of Public Welfare and now retired, told NBC News he was never shown a copy of Chambers’ report and was stunned to learn of its conclusions.

“Wow!” he said when he was read Chambers’ conclusions by a NBC News correspondent. “This is the first I’ve heard of this. I had no idea . If I would have seen the report, I would certainly have done some things differently. Boy, this is a shock. “

Click here to watch the Today video piece, read Isikioff’s complete story and review the documents.