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Wednesday reading: the best investigative reporting on the Web

By Margaux Stack-Babich and Bill Dedman

Today's reading from the world of investigative reporting.

Story of the day: 'Half-Lives: The Chernobyl Workers Now' is a piece by Maisie Crow for the Virginia Quarterly Review, which examines the lives of the people closest to the world's worst nuclear reactor accident. The story explores the new industry that evacuated peoples developed in new cities, created around breaking down the plant, and what the future will hold when the plant has finally been disassembled. "We have no future for our children after they graduate from school," says Chernobyl liquidator Lubov Nikolaevna. "Radiation isn't scary to those who work at the plant. … And the people who live in Slavutych aren't afraid of it either. They are tired of being afraid, that is why they are not afraid. They are afraid of that the city of Sluvatych will be shut down."

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Margaux Stack-Babich writes about investigative reporting for msnbc.com. Bill Dedman is an investigative reporter for msnbc.com.