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Wednesday reading: the best investigative reporting on the Web

By Margaux Stack-Babich and Bill Dedman

Today's reading from the world of investigative reporting.

Story of the day: As the rhetoric of the Occupy protests has entered common parlance, politicians now freely refer to "the 99 percent" and "the 1 percent" in their speeches and campaign media. But what about the 1 percent of the 1 percent? Research by the Sunlight Foundation on campaign contributions in the United States "reveals a growing dependence of candidates and political parties on the One Percent of the One Percent, resulting in a political system that could be disproportionately influenced by donors in a handful of wealthy enclaves." Read about the people who make up this political donor elite, and what it means for future elections.

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Margaux Stack-Babich writes about investigative reporting for msnbc.com. Bill Dedman is an investigative reporter for msnbc.com.