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Monday reading: the best investigative reporting on the Web

By Margaux Stack-Babich and Bill Dedman

Today's reading from the world of investigative reporting.

Story of the day: On Saturday, tens of thousands of Russians took to the streets in what has been acknowledged as "the largest anti-government protests that post-Soviet Russia has ever seenm," demanding regime change and decrying the recent electoral processes and results as falsified. The number and variety of political backgrounds that came together is testament to the vitality of Russia's investigative and anti-corruption bloggers, who have helped to organize outraged Russians into protesters. As the role of Russian bloggers take on a new and potent significance, in the U.S. investigative blogger Crystal Cox finds herself on the end of a $2.5 million dollar fine for defamation after a judge rules she is not a real journalist, and therefore has none of the same legal rights and protections.

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Margaux Stack-Babich writes about investigative reporting for msnbc.com. Bill Dedman is an investigative reporter for msnbc.com.