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Citizen arrested for videotaping police from front yard

As video cameras grow ever more ubiquitous, confrontations -- both legal and physical -- over their use are becoming more common.

Case in point: NBC affiliate WHEC-TV in Rochester, N.Y., reported Tuesday on an incident in which police arrested a woman who filmed a traffic stop from her front yard and refused an officer’s order to go into her house.  The woman, 28-year-old Emily Good, was later charged with a misdemeanor: obstructing governmental administration.

As WHEC reports in this follow-up story, “The fundamental question being debated here is this -- should she have been forced to follow a police officer's order or was she lawfully within her rights to remain on her front lawn?"

Watch the YouTube video of the incident and see what you think. Does it matter to you that she was known to the police, having been arrested in March with a group of others who tried to block a home from foreclosure?