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Alaska will miss deadline for Palin emails, but hold on a bit longer...

With the state's deadline of May 31 fast approaching for the long-delayed release of 25,000 emails sent between former Gov. Sarah Palin (and her husband) and state officials, the Alaska governor's office on Tuesday sought another delay.

This delay will be brief, and the records should be ready by June 10, the governor's office said in asking for permission from the state attorney general for a new delay.

As we have reported, the delays so far have amounted to a couple of weeks longer than the time than Sarah Palin spent as governor of Alaska.

News organizations requested the emails under the state public records law back in 2008, when the relatively unknown Palin burst onto the national scene, and when it became known that she and her staff were using personal Yahoo accounts to conduct state business outside the usual reach of public records requests. The records to be released include emails that went between Palin or her husband and about 50 top state officials. The state at first quoted prices as high as $15 million for the records, but the price is now down to 3 cents a page.

The office of the current governor is still going over the emails, deciding which ones should be withheld under exemptions to the public records law.

When the emails are released, msnbc.com plans to put them online in a public archive, in cooperation with other news organizations, as it did with a batch of Todd Palin emails last year. Those emails showed the vigorous role the "First Dude" played in the operation of state government. Here is that archive.

The Anchorage Daily News has the details here.

And here is our previous coverage, with details on the requests, the state's explanation of the delays, and the shifting estimates of the costs.

The full background on our request, and the delays, is in our previous articles, below: