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Club Ped: Investigation of Missouri retreat for pedophile priests

We've long known that many Roman Catholic priests accused of having sex with children and teenagers have been sent for rehabilitation at the Vianney Renewal Center in Dittmer, Mo., 30 miles southwest of St. Louis.

What we haven't known is that priests there are able to maintain their access to pornography.

Reporter Leisa Zigman at KSDK, the NBC-affiliated TV station in St. Louis, has interviewed a former coordinator of the therapeutic program, Reyma McCoy, who says the accused priests are not in the strictly supervised setting that courts and parishioners have been told to expect. She provides memos to back up her story.

McCoy says residents can view porn on the Internet and receive pornographic material in the mail, because there are no disciplinary guidelines or repercussions.

A clinical director at Vianney denied that pornography is allowed.

But McCoy provide memos from the center showing that residents were able to turn off the filtering software on their computers.

As a result of the TV station's investigation, the Missouri Board of Probation and Parole is investigating whether the retreat is the appropriate facility for priests on parole. The Vianney center is operated by a religious order called the Servants of the Paraclete.

You can see KSDK's two-part investigation here:

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