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What NRC nuclear documents do you want to see? Here's our list

The Japanese nuclear emergency has, of course, raised interest in nuclear power in the United States. The federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission's public records staff says it is "experiencing a larger than normal volume" of requests for public records under the federal Freedom of Information Act. To put it mildly, perhaps.

"Due to the high volume of FOIA requests received as a result of the unexpected events in Japan, response times to requests may be longer than normal," the NRC staff says on its FOIA request page.

At msnbc.com we continue to pursue several reporting angles on this story. Here are the FOIA requests that we've filed with the NRC. We'll let you know what we find.

  • The daily calendar for each of the NRC commissioners for the past year. PDF file.
  • Any letters or memos documenting exemptions to NRC regulations at a nuclear facility. PDF file.
  • The NRC personnel roster showing the full name of each employee, date hired, job title, division and branch, and rate of pay. PDF file.
  • Any e-mail or electronic messages sent or received during the week after the Japan earthquake by any of the senior staff of the NRC. We have 45 people on our list. PDF files here and here.
  • Any e-mail or electronic messages sent or received during the two weeks after the quake by the 22 key NRC staff involved in seismic issues. PDF file.

What records would you like to see from the NRC? If you're an industry insider with knowledge of a particular situation, what document would you like to see us request?

Post a comment here, or use the links below to send us your document suggestions.