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Loughner took G-string photos of his Glock

The New York Times reports that accused shooter Jared Loughner took photos showing a Glock handgun and his naked buttocks before the fatal shooting in Tucson.

Loughner was dressed in a bright red G-string, the Times reported.

More from The Times:

The photos were turned over to the police by Walgreens, where Mr. Loughner had taken the 35-mm film to be developed on Jan. 7, the day before the shooting. In some of the photos he is holding the gun near his crotch, and in others, presumably shot in a mirror, he is holding the gun next to his buttocks, the police said. It was not yet clear when the photos were taken. According to a detailed timeline released by the Pima County Sherriff’s Department on Friday, Mr. Loughner posted one of the photos and a bulletin saying, “Goodbye friends,” on MySpace early Saturday morning.

The Times offers no more details, and does not publish the photos. The Times report is here.